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Possibly it’s one we’ve been asked before, so we’ve put them (and the answers) together below to save you some time, but if there’s anything at all you need clarified or if we’ve not covered it, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How does delivery or collection work?

We work to a delivery area centered on HP10 0NT which covers London, much of Essex, Surrey, Herts, Sussex etc and other surrounding areas.

But to those further afield, fear not, because we offer a self pick-up / self return option! (on many items,  excluding a few of the complicated items).   You  will need a van for our giant letters,  some smaller pieces will fit into large cars.

Warehouse pick up address: Vowed and Amazed, 6 Acre Barn, Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire, HP10 0NT

Can the giant letters go outside?

Yes the Giant light up letters are rated for indoor or outdoor safe display.  Please beware of companies that tell you their letters are fine outside as long as it doesn’t rain,  this is very dangerous.

Real filament bulbs or LED ?

We try to only work with traditional filament lighting, the bulbs give off a much softer and even glow, but this does of course mean they do give off some heat and can occasionally blow (we always supply spares just incase), if your venue would prefer LED we can arrange for that with warning. LED lights are great in terms of coolness but do have a slower flicker rate than real bulbs which can occasionally affect photographs or videos, the light spread is not as soft or glowing, but a good option for certain types of venues and events.

Will you price match another company?

We are the originators of giant light up letters to hire and as such we set the industry prices and do not alter them except in cases of large multiple hires.  Rest assured as the longest running light up letter hire company you are in safe hands.  We hold the largest stock of letters out there, so if for example a giant letter E gets damaged just before you need it… we have 10 more in stock and would NEVER cancel you.   On delivery we set up your letters for you and take them away again at a requested time slot. We are trained and experienced  set designers and prop builders who have worked in the industry for over 10 years.

We are an event/hire company will you make us some props to hire out?

All of our designs are copy-written by us and we rigorously enforce this, so we do not make copies for other companies,  we do however build bespoke items.  So if you have a vision let us know and we can quote to build it exclusively  for you.

Can I buy a version as a keepsake?

Absolutely! What better memory of your special event! See our ‘To buy‘ section here on the website and our blog post about our mini signs here…

Where do you get your props from?

Well you’ve probably got the idea by now! All of our items are made in the UK in our very own wonderful workshop by skilled theatrical carpenters with years of training.

As a husband and wife design duo we have degrees in  3-D design, metalwork and fine art, with many years in event planning and scenic carpentry to boot…. the odd stint as a stage illusionist and Harry Potter actor didn’t hurt to add a bit of magic too!




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