(the boring stuff!)

Booking and hire
The £100 deposit is non refundable on cancellation

Cancelations after full payment due date will still be charged

Last minute time/venue changes will be accommodated where possible but this may not always be possible, we try our hardest though.

Your item is not booked until we have BOTH your form and your deposit and confirm receipt of both.

Damage/loss to items will be charged at a reasonable repair rate

Many of our props contain real bulbs please adhere to our H&S advice, real bulbs do sometimes fail where possible we leave spares for replacement.

We can not be held accountable for venues with inadequate/temperamental power

We always use outdoor safe equipment, never move our pieces outside from the inside without consulting us,  never use indoor extension leads outdoors.

Delivery/Collection from us
If your venue is unable to take delivery for whatever reason at the time you have specified we will contact you and wait as long as we can to get in,  but we can not jeopardise our other clients delivery slots.  Redeliveries will possibly have to be charged again.

If we are unable to pick up at the time you have specified there may be a reasonable  ‘waiting time’ charge or re-collection charge.

Self Pick up/Return
If you deviate from your chosen pick up time we will wait as long as possible but we do have other deliveries to make and may have to leave. If you fail to pick up your items/s or are too late you can not expect a refund

If you do not return your items at your chosen time we will add extra hire charges for the overtime

You are supplied with item/s measurements… so if your chosen piece does not fit in your vehicle we are happy for you to come back (time being arranged) with a larger vehicle but cannot refund or cancel items based on this error.

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Copyright 2023
Vowed and amazed

All rights reserved

Copyright 2023
Vowed and amazed

All rights reserved