Light up LOVE & Set words

We’ve taken our most popular giant light up words and created a special reduced hire price.
Whether the word is LOVE, DANCE, I DO, MR & MRS, MR & MR and MRS & MRS.
These giant light up letters are designed and fabricated by us in our own workshops.

Our huge collection of letters, numbers and symbols means that if one of your chosen items is broken before your
event, we have many more back ups in stock, so you can always rely on us to deliver.

Bespoke words are also available.

the details…


Hire of LOVE letters: £250
Hire of DANCE letters: £310
Hire of I DO letters: £210
Hire MR & MRS, MR & MR or MRS & MRS letters: £320

Tech Spec

Per letter/number approx:
1.2 meters wide by 1.6 meters tall and 200mm deep.
(The & is half this but the same depth).
Indoor or outdoor use


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Copyright 2023
Vowed and amazed

All rights reserved

Copyright 2023
Vowed and amazed

All rights reserved