We are just terrible at keeping up with our blog!

We’ve been so busy with Vowed and Amazed.  We have had a lot of issues with less scrupulous companies making copies of our designs,  it’s all enforceable of course but incredibly time consuming, draining and it really takes away form our favourite activity of just getting on and designing and building things. We aren’t talking about light up letters of course, but our more heavily design pieces like our ‘Til death light up sign.

To help discourage the design “borrowers” we are forgetting “simple” and going forward just designing and engineering the heck out of all of our new pieces, basically making them too fabulous to easily copy!

What else?!…

We’ve also been working on our new venture The Curious Collection Ltd. this is where we house our slightly more ‘out there’ designs.  Honestly it’s the place we keep props for hire, that we are desperate to make, but maybe not so many people happen to want to hire!!
We are also using it as the main point for our bespoke designs for others. Do you need any bespoke fabrication of props etc?

The star of the collection so far is definitely the neon hoops for hire.

There was a great piece about The Curious Collection in Brides…

The Curious Collection tagline is Prop hire for the curious,  Fabrication for the fabulous.

Are you following our Insta? Follow Vowed and Amazed here.  The Curious Collection here.

V&A and TCC xxx