Don’t want a bouncy castle covered in cartoons at your wedding? Neither did we!

(c)Emma Case
So we designed a classy castle!  Duck egg blue and White with optional monogrammed initials on the turrets! Available to hire,  just email
 for more info.  Actually we designed and built a lot of things for our wedding, this bouncy castle was just the start and the start of us branching out into a slightly smaller scale and bespoke area of design.   We found that the things we were capable of imagining for our wedding just weren’t things that you could get hold of easily or they plain didn’t exist! So we started designing and building in between other jobs.  Your wedding is the one time you really have a licence to show off and we wanted to cause a stir!  On top of our work with Thorn Industries we have been building sets for burlesque shows for the last 5 years so we had an idea or two when it came to over sized props!  We saw things we liked like the cute wooden letters everyone is using at the moment and we thought lets super size it and get them to light up!  So we did…..
and we can make them for you too!  Have a look at our website Vowed and Amazed! to see more of the fabulous stuff we make and hire out!
More pics coming soon!