Well….. We started as just one set of giant light up letters, which we made for our very own wedding.  Both working in set design previously we used our skills to full effect on our big day decor and our theatrical prop company sprang from that happy event! 

4 years on and Vowed & Amazed!  has become our obsession, our day job and our hobby!  

We realised one day how lovely it would be to make mini versions of our pieces for our happy couples (and anyone else!) to  have as a keepsake!  After a year of prototypes here they are!  
Vowed & Amazed! mini signs to buy!!! 

Skilfully Handmade in England like all of our pieces.

Love, Caroline & Stuart (V&A!)

Contact: Sales@vowedandamazed.co.uk
www.vowedandamazed.co.uk Online shop coming soon…

Heart W 450mm, H 400mm, D 80mm
£260 with message on scroll

Joined together Love W 700mm, H 280mm, D 80mm

Letters/numbers W 320mm, H 310mm, D 70

‘&’  W 190mm, H180,  18mm

Star W 400mm,  H 400mm, D 80mm
Colour options! 
All images and designs ©VowedandAmazed