So on a freezing cold January day, we decided to get out the bouncy castle for a quick photoshoot for the upcoming wedding fair we are doing.  Obviously you can’t really fit an entire bouncy castle behind a 2ft table in a function room so it helps to have nice pictures!  We also happened to be in desperate need of a full length shot of the whole fabulous inflatable.

Incase you are wondering about the gorgeousness that are our models…. It’s the beautiful Newman’s our close friends.  Amy owns and runs ‘Handmade with Gay Abandon’ the absolute bestest craft shop on the web , seriously sometimes I think she might get a sewing machine grafted onto her arm. She also happens to work at Tatty Devine and if you don’t know them, then where have you been your whole life!
If you are interested in booking our castle then get in touch at Prices from £180.
Oh and here’s a little outtake just for you!!!!….