Yes, it is so cold in there at the moment that we could legally sue ourselves, but we still love our workshop!  It’s so special to us because it’s the place where we get to see our ideas come to life.  Our workshop is full of previous projects, past projects and pieces that we hope one day to finally have time to work on!…the camper van and the arcade machine to name but two.
Here’s a panoramic pic of our workshop…
It’s four times the size of our old one and we’ve still managed to fill it!  The biggest pieces in there are the giant tea cups, here’s a nice before and after picture of them…
You can hire them for your wedding if you’ve got the room! Just have a look at our website
Or how about a sneak peek of our newest piece being made….
Nearly ready to launch and just in time for our first wedding fair! At Court Garden House in Marlow Sunday 26th Feb. come along and see us if you’re near!
V & A xxx